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Can online slots be played anonymously?

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Online slot games are getting popular with the spread of casino websites in the online domain, which has multiple features with vivid video quality to offer an enthralling experience for the users. Generally, people do not mind writing their personal information such as billing address, email identity, mobile numbers, etc., on online gambling websites like 77betsports that have a good reputation, proper authentic license, and the highest security technology level users. Sharing personal details on such websites is not a problem as these gambling websites’ licenses are a testimony to their reliability and brand value.

How to maintain anonymity on slot websites?

There are several ways to hide away our presence on online gambling websites, which are as follows:

  1. A Unique Casino Account:

Punters shall create new email identity and passwords while filling in the details on online slot websites. They should not put any identities and passwords that are already associated with their personal or professional usage. The email address should be unique and should not pertain to the user’s personal information like name, age, location, business occupation, etc. It would add a strong layer of anonymity to such sites and protect the users’ data.

  • Web Wallets:

A web wallet is a financial service that behaves as an entirely separate account from the user’s standard bank account, debit card, or credit card. Here, the third-party option allows the users to upload funds from their regular and sensitive financial providers and then use this web wallet account to transfer cash into the online casinos. It adds a layer of safety and anonymity to their users’ data, specifically, if the email login ID used by the users is different from their regular email address.

  • Bitcoin Casinos:

The main benefit of using bitcoins as a payment method is the supreme level of anonymity offered by the currency. Moreover, since it is not associated with any nation’s currency, it becomes feasible to make payments with much flexibility due to its separate entity.

Cautions to adhere while playing slot games online

In chat rooms, punters, without any second thought, spill out their details on the gambling websites. Chat rooms are a feature in online slot games that allows the players to communicate with each other. One should avoid using chat rooms on gambling websites to keep their private data safe. Hackers can easily find the personal details of the users through chat boxes and email addresses.


It is strongly suggested to play anonymously on gambling websites that offer slot games. Punters shall be well aware of the reputation, the terms and conditions, the customer base, and the security measures of these online casino websites to keep their data protected from the hackers’ clutches. They should also look into the casino website’s registration and licensing details to get an idea of its reliability and authenticity.

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